“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.”

 ~Oscar Wilde


About the girl behind the designs

HeatherRenae was born and raised in Miami, Florida.  She spent her childhood in the Florida Keys snorkeling, water skiing and daydreaming of all of the treasure she may discover in the depths of that beautiful blue-green ocean.

After graduating high school she moved north to attend college in Boston for Film.  Believing that the film industry was her calling, Heather decided that it was her destiny to move out west. While working on a variety of movies and tv shows, Heather realized that her passion was really that of an artist. Coming from a family of artists;  painters, drawers and illustrators, she realized that she needed to discover the art that lay within herself. 

In 2011, Heather started creating jewelry for herself and friends as another way to express her ever growing artistic urge to create something personal, something tactile.  With the strong encouragement and urging of her friends she started to create jewelry that inspired her; jewelry that expressed her inner most daydreams and feelings about alchemy, faith, ancient worlds, mysticism and religion.

In 2013, Heather started using the lost wax technique of jewelry making. An old ancient art form of making jewelry, first employed by the ancient Egyptians.  All pieces are created and carved out of wax and then cast in the metals of her choosing.  Every piece of handmade jewelry receives its own semblance of individuality and care, focusing each on its' own natural imperfections, if you will.